Baby Experience

Baby Experience

I am SO glad I have pictures of both my babies when they were tiny! I absolutely love being able to remember what they looked like and how it felt to hold and love them. It’s so fleeting and precious.

The in-home baby experience will capture your real life moments to keep forever and to share for generations to come. You will get an online gallery with your high-res images that can be easily shared and ready for print! I will spend the time with you that it takes to capture those fleeting moments. The session is simple and comfortable, just as life should be!


The Baby Process


For me to capture it all for you I do two things: one is the photojournalist style, which is done inside your home and includes things like you rocking your baby, changing your baby and loving on them like you normally do every day. The second thing we will do is some styled poses with the whole family and then some with each member with the baby. This can still be inside them home or at a near by location.

Session Flow

Because I am an experienced mom I completely understand the need for time. Babies have their own idea of what they want to do and when and sometimes things take time! I am patient and understanding when we need to stop for a moment so the baby can feed and you take care of what you need to do. Sometimes these moments make the best pictures too!


When you contact me, I will make a note of your due date and when that time comes around I will email you my openings for a few weeks so when baby is here and you are ready, you will know when to schedule your session. I don’t worry about time limits or outfits

oh their precious hands and little toes



On-location maternity session

Digital negatives of all edited images

Time to edit the final gallery of images

Online viewing gallery




In home baby session

Digital negatives of all edited images

Time to edit the final gallery of images

Online viewing gallery



Sweet Pea

Maternity and in-home baby session

Digital negatives of all edited images T

ime to edit the final gallery of images

Online viewing gallery





You might see some very cute pictures around or on Pinterest of babies in baskets or pillows, positioned in cute poses. That takes a specific skill and amount of props. This is not the direction I have chosen. My style is lifestyle, which means that I come into your own home and capture the things that make up your real life. I am not a prop photographer.


Usually not much more than an hour, but babies are unpredictable and may take much more time. Don’t sweat the time, I am extremely flexible and want to work with you in whatever you need.


The things I look for are window light and clean backgrounds. If you have some papers on the table or wires or anything you don’t want in the picture, just move them somewhere else for the session, and you can move them back. Check to see what room has the best light and make a note of what time of day the light is best.


Anything that you are most comfortable in, but may I suggest something that flows and loose fitting, and also neutral colors.