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Hi there! I am so glad you are here! I am a wedding and portrait photographer based in Hampton roads, Virginia and serve this wonderful state and beyond. I want to get to know you more, but for now get to know my family, my passions and me! Thanks for sticking around! There is a lot to see here!


My Life

Ryan and I started dating when I was just two weeks shy of my 16th birthday. He was 17. We made it through high school and then college together and two weeks after I graduated college we finally got married! We were together 7 years before we got to say “I do.” The wedding day was incredible! We planned it for 18 months and when the day came, it was gone in an instant. I did my best to take it all in and I have wonderful memories (and pictures). One thing I will remember is getting in the car and driving away after it was all over and I just balled my eyes out. I cried so hard we ended up getting lost on our way to our new apartment (that’s where we stayed out first night). I cried because I was SO HAPPY! It was a day I imagined for a long time, and a Marriage I hope for for a long time and it finally came. It was wonderful.

Every day I’m so thankful to be married to Ryan. We have two kids now and a lot going on. We have a lot more responsibilities and I’m so glad to have such a great man to do life with forever!

Gracie was my first baby. We prayed so hard for her and she is everything I hoped for and more! She has this gorgeous red hair and sharp blue eyes. She loves to dance and have long conversations. She never stops asking questions and getting into the dirt outside.

Eli is our little man. He has one dimple and we see it all the time in his huge smiles! He is super ticklish and has no shame in his excessive burping and farts! He is growing up all to fast!

My Loves

My life theme is all things art! I was that kid in elementary school that whenever their was a project that required drawing I would get a line of people asking be to draw theirs for them. I was super nerd in high school and would eat lunch in the art room and work. I impressed my senior photographer with my knowledge of art history and got a job! I went to so many weddings that year as a second shooter. Then I went and got an art degree in college at Old Dominion University. My concentration was in drawing and painting but I always had my camera and took as many photography classes as I could. A few year into our marriage I just couldn’t stop myself from starting this little business, and while it has been a slow process because I have put my family first, I am so excited at this place I am in and what is to come!Some things you might not know about me!

- My husband and I are Whovians! (If you don’t know what that is then congrats! You are not a nerd)
- We are all about the DIY.
- My hubby is so handy and we love making our house a home!
- My favorite moments are laughing with friends over a great dinner!
- My hubby and I lead a small group for young marrieds and we believe that community is so important!
- My favorite passage of scripture is Psalms 139. It gives me so much comfort!

"Every wedding must be an occasion of joy..."

My Home

My husband and I share a love for making our home better for us. He gets hard at work with the power tools and I love transforming things with design, decorating and painting. We renovated our first home together and now we are working on our second home. It has become a passion of ours! We don’t get to do it as often these days with having two little ones, but it is always something we are thinking about together. Every couple should have their thing and this is definitely ours.

Take a Tour of our homes! (link, coming soon)
DIY Projects The Farmhouse Kitchen// More coming!